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Mavens | Emily Rathmanner of Made by Minga

“We’re on a mission to create a more connected and environmentally-conscious world”

One of the coolest things about The Basic Goods is having a platform that makes it easy to meet other like-minded people. So, it’s fitting to have Emily Rathmanner, globetrotting gal behind Made by Minga , as our second Maven to be featured this month.

Emily’s mission is inspiring to say the least and her brand is a testament to what true connection, heart and a desire to make a difference can do for the world. My biggest take away from this passion project turned-successful-small-biz is how committed Emily was to seeing her vision through carte blanche — which is something I’m sure so many others dream of doing.

So, before you continue reading, make sure to watch Emily’s own videos with more background on how she got started, here and here. Enjoy the interview!

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