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Green Living | Everyday Ways to Be an Ocean Activist

Here’s an important reminder: We live in an aquatic world.

About 71% of the earth is covered in water and 96.5% of that water is held by the oceans. That means more water than there is land — shocker, right? In this watery world, our health is intimately linked to the health of our oceans. The ocean and its inhabitants do a vital task of absorbing most of the CO2 in the atmosphere that we and other lifeforms can’t take in and turns it into oxygen, spreading around excess heat that would otherwise kill off most of the ecosystem and allow disease to spread.

As the atmosphere gets warmer (ahem, global warming) it’s more difficult for the ocean and marine life like coral and other plants to photosynthesize CO2. Thus, the ocean’s acidity levels rise and upsets an already fragile ecosystem that’s more necessary to the health and stability of the entire planet than we humans care to admit or even know. Read More