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When I was little my mother would sew me dresses. Cute, right? I’m talking full-on sun dresses, with pale-yellow pansies as far as the eye could see. Sometimes, but only if she had the time, she would make herself a matching vest. That was the ‘90s. This is now.

While sorting through our craft closet one day, I happened upon a bag full of old fabric strips that were clearly intended to be used for something. For what I didn’t know—so I asked my mother what the contents of this overflowing canvas tote-bag were for, and she wistfully replied, they were for a quilt she had once wanted to make but had abandoned quite some time ago. With excitement I jumped up and down and asked if I could have it, regretfully, she complied. And as she left these memories behind, I walked away with my very first DIY project on the horizon.

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I am no craftswoman. I have Pinterest boards that might fool you into thinking otherwise, but the truth is there are only mason jars full of hair ties and raw nuts sitting around, that are not instead, attached to an old piece of wood I found lying around to hold my kitchen herbs, in which I grow them out of. It’s just not my life. I have fingers that are not nimble and a shorter attention span than I’d like to admit. Puzzles have never been my strong suit and I find it hard to sit for a very long time, lest I jump off the chair in a burst of pent-up energy. So you can imagine my (delusion) excitement when I decided to take on this project.

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The week I discovered the fabrics strips, was the one before the weekend of a party I was hosting for my friend at my folks place by the beach—a bachelorette party to be exact, but a classy one at that—and I really wanted to make the place look nice. Inspired by something I saw on Pinterest, I decided to make my own version of a beautiful party banner, using recycled fabric to really gussy that beach cottage up, all nice like. I’m happy to say that in blatant opposition to my past experience of crafts-gone-wrong (don’t wanna talk about that childhood birdhouse) this one turned out nicely. I proudly offer all the non-crafty crafters, what I’d like to call, a DI-Try, that you can easily do, so long as you have fabric, scissors, willpower, and opposable thumbs.

SEMI-PRO TIP! Be sure not to scrap your scraps! I snipped mine in half and tied them around mason jars filled with flowers for our dinner table. I will say, it was quite a hit.

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  • A wide piece of fabric you can cut into strips, or 8-10 medium sized pieces
  • Scissors
  • Twine
  1. Measure and cut a piece of twine that is a bit longer than the wall space you’d like to use to ensure that it has enough length to let the twine hang down a bit.

  2. Take one strip of fabric and knot it around the center of the twine. Tug the ends, especially if the fabric is stiff so that it lays flat on the table.

  3. Work from the middle out to the ends as you tie on pieces of fabric to fill up as much of the twine as you like.

  4. If you like the way it looks, stop there! To give it some extra character I snipped the ends in half and ripped the strips about 2-3 inches below the knot so the fabric had some fringe and body to it. Play around with length as well. Add in some more depth by tying strips so that there is a short and a long end, or try cutting some fabric strips short. This is your DI-Try and you can do what you want!

  5. Hang up the banner and show off your handiwork!

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