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As social media is wont to do, it leads us into the intimate lives of people we may never have met without it. For me, I’ve always been more than thrilled to find folks online who harness its power wisely and with intention; who give us a glimpse into their lives without oversharing and are just downright cool. Having a blog is a great excuse for me to reach out and connect with them personally, which is one way to make friends, right? Right.

Meet: Sarah Michelle Lawrence, blogger behind Sarah, Say Something, where she blogs freely about all the things that inspire and move her while living a beautiful life in Denver, Colorado with her husband, photographer Hunter Lawrence and their outrageously cute pup, Aspen. Much like The Basic Goods, Sarah’s blog seeks to be a corner of the internet where people can come to find some things that might inspire them as they have for her and to share some thoughtful musings on everyday life. I’ve always loved her blog for its authenticity and the way that it makes me feel like I’m just hanging out with a friend. So, I’m so grateful to have her on the blog today to talk about her experience on the internet and social media (she has over 5,000 Instagram followers) and ask her just to well, say something!

Hey Sarah! I created The Basic Goods in order to offer a space to contemplate and celebrate the value of all those things that makes us think and provide some sort of inspiration. Did you have anything in mind like this when you started your blog, Sarah, Say Something?

It’s actually kind of funny how my blog got started. Over the past five years Hunter (my husband) has always bought me cameras as gifts and I never really got into taking pictures because I didn’t have a platform to share them on. So the cameras would usually just end up sitting on the shelf collecting dust — I also have a thing for finding all the fun spots in a city and sharing them with my friends — All of this to say, Hunter and I were riding our bikes around Rekjavik, Iceland last March and we came up with the idea that I should start a blog to use as a creative outlet for me to share my love for travel and fun products. I do hope that it is a place where people can find inspiration and ask questions!


I love that you share some really unique products on the site that almost always have a great social mission or philosophy behind them. How do you pick and choose which ones you feature on the blog?
With there being so many products and companies out there, I wanted to make sure that I focus on companies that stand out to me and that I believe in whether I truly believe in their mission as a company or just think they have a great product. It’s kind of random how I choose people to work with. Its basically if they just stand out to me! They’ve got to catch my eye in some way.

When we first started chatting we both talked about how nice it is to break down that invisible wall between people on the internet and make a real human connection. As your social media following continues to grow, have you made more real-life connections or has it become more difficult? What’s your experience been with that?
It is so crazy to me that we live in a day and age where it’s not that creepy to meet people online and then become great friends with them, haha. I actually have made a lot of friends here in Denver through Instagram. Sometimes I feel stupid reaching out to people just because we follow each other but hey, somebody has gotta do it. You never know until you try, right? Luckily it’s never been a total bust either which I’m super thankful for! I think it’s truly a great tool that has enabled me to get to know people in my community.

Oddly enough, I have a similar tattoo as you on my right forearm! What does yours say and what made you get it?
I actually have two tattoos. One is on my shoulder and it’s the outline of Iceland which today probably sounds so typical and trendy, but thats where Hunter and I went on our honeymoon and so as soon as we landed we went straight to the tattoo shop and got them! The one on my arm is from a song by Alman Brown called Sons and Daughters. It says, “I’ll be the walls of his heart.” We used the song in our wedding video and I just really like it. People always ask me what it means but I’m not real great at explaining it because I’m not trying to say that I will protect Hunter’s heart, its more like wherever we are, as long as we are together we are home. You should just go listen to the song!

You and your husband Hunter Lawrence take some really incredible trips, most notably your move from Texas to Colorado. What made you decide to move and how did you adjust to a totally new lifestyle?
Hunter and I both were born and raised in Texas so after we had been married for a year and lived in Austin for a while we decided that it was time to go try out some place new. Hunter got a job opportunity with a creative start-up company here in Denver, so we packed up all our things and drove here with our parents and Aspen. The adjustment has been hard but good. We miss Austin all the time — not the weather, just the city and people:) — it’s hard because both of our families are in Texas, but we are loving Denver more and more. Now, we are realizing what we truly value and are trying to work towards cultivating those things like community, church, and home. I am especially learning that relationships are hard and take time but they are so worth it! We’ve only been in Denver for a year and a half so we want to make sure we give it a fare chance. We also can’t complain that it takes us forty-five minutes to get to the mountains.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I have received a lot of good advice throughout my life. I’ll just go with this though: I have been reading a book lately called Just Do Something by Kevin Deyoung and it’s been really refreshing. He talks about how we live in a generation of “Tinkerers”. People our age just tinker around and they try one thing and if that doesn’t work then we move on to something else. I’m realizing that if I ever want to have things that I value then I am going to have to put a little bit of skin in the game and invest in a place for a long amount of time. I am not saying that I don’t love to travel for months at a time, but I think we have decided to go in the opposite direction of our parents. We get so caught up in trying to figure out what God’s will for our lives is and does he want me to live here or there or do this or that. In the end, I think Jesus doesn’t really care what you do. As long as you are loving Him and living out the Gospel, then do whatever the hell you want.


What’s the best advice you’ve ever given?
It sounds so simple and cliché but I try to tell people to laugh often — life is fun, you should try to enjoy it.

In the spirit of The Basic Goods, what do you see as the basic goods of your life?
I would say that my basic goods of life are pretty basic :). As long as I have a community of friends around me and get to see my family often I am good to go. It’s been so great living in Colorado and having space to get out and go enjoy the mountains! It’s so refreshing to get away from the city and all the noise and just get refilled.

Visit Sarah’s site, Sarah, Say Something

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