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One of the most radical changes I’ve ever made in my quest to become more eco-conscious has also led me to become more conscious of the care and keeping of myself. The word sustainability means to keep up, or keep going, as an action or a process, which applies not just for our planet’s ecosystem but for our personal ecosystem as well. Every living thing (including yourself) is designed to survive, to thrive, and for success in such a way that it can maintain and sustain its own wellbeing. There are specific actions and a process that occurs to allow you to keep going day in and day out — that is, until something disrupts that process and forces the ecosystem to rearrange itself and its actions in order to survive.

SKRUB360 Oil

The more I started to learn about harmful chemicals and toxins that are foolishly permitted into our body care products as a result of inadequate labeling laws, the more I realized just how important it is to understand our incredibly complex and well-designed infrastructure as a means to take care of our self and our world. So, the biggest thing to know about skincare is…

Your skin and pores clean themselves.

We don’t need to add anything to our skin that we don’t already have in order to keep it clean, healthy, and chemical-free. Believe it or not, what we need most are more oils because the addition of nourishing plant-based oils like coconut, olive, rose hip, and avocado oils to name a few, provide the healthy fatty acids and antioxidants that our skin naturally creates on its own to clean itself.

SKRUB360 Coffee

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That process is botched when we start obsessively scrubbing and stripping our body of natural oils that are simply trying to restore health and vitality to your skin cells and replace them with harsh chemicals and drying agents that only create the illusion of healthy skin but leave you feeling dry and in need of moisture. Doesn’t make sense a whole lot of sense, right? Thankfully, the tide is beginning to turn and more people are beginning to be educated about the way their intricate ecosystem works. This is hugely important in our time because many of the products we use get washed down the drain and are absorbed into our earth and oceans, hindering their ability to function properly as well.

SKRUB360 Shiva Ingredients

SKRUB360 Limes

So, I should probably get to the happy party now. There are a lot of really great products out there to combat this epidemic of toxic and backwards skincare, namely SKRUB360. A whole-body product that I personally use and adore because of founder Shiva Khaloyan’s holistic and mindful approach.  SKRUB360 is all biodegradable (meaning the ingredients will eventually break down overtime safely, which is a good thing), eco-friendly, and organic. Most importantly everything from the coffee grinds that gently exfoliate and stimulate blood flow, to the castor oil from the castor plant that cleans and moisturizes your skin, to the lime juice that polishes and smoothes, is botanically-based. Shiva offers three delicious scents: bergamot, vetiver, and peppermint so that your experience is not just revitalizing but nourishing and luxurious as well — which is the way skincare should be.

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