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VAUX SHOP wants to change the way we view fashion. Armed with a visually stunning arsenal of vintage clothes to make their point, Aly and Lou, the ladies at the helm of this Denver-based shop, are making the old new again. When I was first introduced to them and their work a few years ago they had already become trailblazers in the fashion industry by offering beautifully minimal, stylish, and livable pieces . Now, they are forging ahead with more gusto than ever — fully capable of changing the way you shop and think about your clothes.
At the heart of their brand is the desire to cultivate a mindful approach towards our role as a consumer and an appreciation for decade-old clothing that is still loved and worn today. I am so excited and honored to have them on TBG today to share their perspective on why you should wear vintage. And to convince you to jump on this wagon even more, I’m sharing some images of the classic 1980s denim jacket I bought from them, too! Enjoy their interview below! 

If there’s one thing we see as a necessity for generations to come, it’s going to be the need to consider how we can be more resourceful and responsible with our consumerism.


What is the most surprising and rewarding part of finding and styling vintage pieces into your wardrobe that people might not expect? 

Vintage is one of a kind. There’s nothing else like it if you want to have distinctive style. It’s funny how once you add a few pieces into your wardrobe, you find yourself trying new things and being much more original with how you pair the rest of your clothing. It feels interactive and creative. With contemporary fashion, you pick a piece of clothing off a shelf where twenty identical pieces sit along side it. When you choose a piece of vintage clothing, it’s potentially the only piece of it’s kind that exists in the world. What an artistic way to dress! What a fun way to dress! It’s so much about discovery and experimentation.


What are your tips and advice for mixing these pieces with newer finds?

We believe it’s time to approach vintage in a whole new way. We’re trying to encourage our customers to not focus on vintage pieces that feel like costumes. Vintage shouldn’t be reserved solely for cocktail dresses and fancy affairs – it can be worn every day. We try to approach our wardrobe as a whole and make sure everything can work together. We try to make sure we feel comfortable in the vintage we wear, because if we’re not comfortable or at ease in a piece of clothing, chances are we won’t wear it. We find that people pass up vintage basics all the time in lieu of the standout piece, but the basics can be the most rewarding finds. A neutral turtleneck made from a natural fiber can work in infinite ways in your wardrobe.

What do you see as the difference in the quality of vintage clothing versus the large quantity of “fast” and mass produced fashion today?

Quality is absolutely a factor. A lot of the vintage we source has been made in America or has been made by hand. Up until the 80s, imported clothing or outsourced manufacturing wasn’t as nearly prevalent as it was today. This has a huge effect on the quality of clothing made then versus now. We have all had the experience of buying cheap items from fast fashion stores that dot the mall landscape today. After wearing these items a few times and washing them once, we see them unravel at the seams. It’s so disappointing to spend our money this way. The fact that vintage clothing exists 20, 30, even 60 years later, is a testament to how well it was made and how well it was cared for. It’s such a cliché to say they don’t make ’em like they used to, but they truly don’t.



How has stepping back in time inspired you for the future?

Fashion feels very cyclical to us. It’s an endless source of inspiration that draws on itself. Recently, on the runways, we’ve seen mod 60s style having a contemporary resurgence. We love the idea of providing women with authentic pieces from that era to incorporate into their wardrobe. When we wear vintage in new ways, it suddenly doesn’t feel vintage any more. Instead, it feels very au currant.

It’s inspiring and hopeful for us to push forward a business that at it’s core has socially mindful implications. On one hand vintage can mean a lot about the future of fashion, but it also means a lot to us about the future of sustainability and reuse. If there’s one thing we see as a necessity for generations to come, it’s going to be the need to consider how we can be more resourceful and responsible with our consumerism. In a lot of ways vintage is the answer to that. Pursue what already exists in the world and work it into your life in a new way that feels fresh and inventive.


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