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Being choosy about beauty products is often times the most direct and effective way to start transitioning towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Admittedly, it’s taken me quite a long time to filter out much of the toxic and chemical-laden products from my shelves (and I’m still going!) not to mention really understanding what I’m looking for and why. *EWG has been my biggest and best resource for this process and I’m constantly running through ingredient lists with a fine tooth comb thanks to them.

All that to say, I’m excited to start sharing The Basic Goods Beauty Edit with you guys to compare, contrast, and share all of those goodies we love to use to pamper and beautify our self. To stay true to The Basic Goods message of slow living in a fast-paced world, the products I’ll be sharing here strike a balance between what we want vs. what we need, and do a seriously good job, like they should.


Why I love It: Your body is its own intelligent ecosystem. We simply don’t need to scrub the heck out of our scalps just for the sake of being clean and grease-free. A little grease is a good thing: it restores moisture, vibrancy, and nutrients to your hair, so that when you do give it a good wash it will look healthy and full. Applying this safe and non-toxic concoction with a kabuki brush to your roots not only absorbs oils in between washes but gives it a really beautiful soft and voluminous look and feel.

Why It’s Important: Many dry shampoos come in spray cans and contain aluminum which, when used regularly (it’s also found in deodorants) builds up in your body and acts as a neurotoxin. So, since I, and hopefully you do too, prefer to avoid neurotoxins on my head this is a GREAT alternative.

Buy Fat and the Moon’s Dry Shampoo on their site, here!

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