Redefining Green Home Design

If your perception of eco-friendly homes conjures images of elaborate tree houses, mud huts, or dilapidated cabins in the woods, then you are waaaaay off. The evolution of green home design, both interior and exterior, has become an innovative landscape rich with fresh ideas and beautiful architecture that has sustainability and mindfulness at its very core.

I’ll admit, this style is extremely modern but whether or not it appeals to you in its entirety, there are some pretty genius ideas that challenges the average homeowner to redefine the concept of what is green design. As someone who is more interested in carving out a niche within the crossover of uber-modern sustainability and everyday living I picked a few design ideas from these dreamy digs that could be adapted and applied to your home, too. I’d love to hear your favorites! Drop a line in the comments below.


Painted headboard. In lieu of additional materials, this couple used non-toxic paint to create a headboard in their place. Many popular brands of paint are loaded with something called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that leach out into the air — even years after the paint has dried — and are harmful to your respiratory health, not to mention are dangerous carcinogens. Look for a paint brand that says zero VOC on it like Benjamin Moore’s Natura, BioShield, or Green Planet Paints. These paints should be odorless and have just as good a paint quality as the average brand.

Ons Dorp Amsterdam


Built-In Shelving. Modern green design isn’t just mindful of its carbon footprint but spatially and structurally aware, too. These beautiful birch plywood built-in shelves act as storage, seats, and decor which reduces the need to purchase additional items. Bonus points if you converted an old schoolhouse into a sweet new apartment.

wood burning stove

Energy Efficient Heating. “We believe that architecture should represent current technologies and methodologies while at the same time using lessons from the past“. A high-efficiency, wood-burning cooking stove is used to make food as well as heat. Of course, you might not be so keen on putting your stove and oven in the living room, however, it’s a great example of true minimalism and leaves me wondering how else I can double up on the bare necessities in a stylish and mindful way.


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