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Around this time last year, I was working as the web editor for Pure Green Magazine, and we were in the midst of dreaming up the next issue of the quarterly mag. The theme was wellness and at that point I felt like the topic was a little exhausted with cleanses, detoxifying potions and things that generally involved crystals and mantras.

At that same time I had just befriended a lovely soul and badass travel photographer, Celeste Noches, who giggled and brainstormed with me about what kind of amazing, groundbreaking work we could do together (my writing + her photos/stories + our shared vision) for hours in a small diner in Brooklyn. After our own road trip one day, we put our heads together and created this for Pure Green: an homage to that undeniable healin’ feelin’ of travel. The way it moves you, how it changes you if you let it, and the way it makes you feel as alive as ever. I am SO SO happy to share a snippet of our work (you can read the full version by subscribing to Pure Green Magazine) here on the blog and sincerely hope you find a little piece of our stories that resonates with you, too.

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WHEN WE THINK OF WELLNESS AS SOMETHING THAT NOURISHES OUR BODY AND MIND, THEN SURELY WE MUST ALSO CONSIDER THE NOURISHMENT OF OUR SOUL. For many, this nourishment can be found on the road, across the world, on an unbeaten path—in short: while traveling. “You’re traveling in order to be moved”, the internationally-acclaimed writer Pico Iyer once said. “And really what you’re seeing is not just the Grand Canyon or the Great Wall but some moods or intimations or places inside yourself that you never ordinarily see when you’re sleepwalking through your daily life.” So what is moved if not that most familiar part of our self, and what are those canyons and walls but mirrors that reflect those facets of our self back to us? Perhaps, one of the most generous things travel has to offer is that the unfamiliarity of a new place or perspective can bring to light our deepest fears, wants, needs, and misgivings. And because of that we are never more fully ourselves than when we are in a place we don’t call home.


True sustenance is found in the space where limits are tested and our boundaries are stretched. What can nourish our soul the most is to learn how to eloquently respond to the awkward and sometimes uncomfortable questions that our travels pose to us. As we learn how to navigate these sometimes murky waters with humility, candor, and grace, we may find that travel, in any capacity, cultivates a greater form of overall wellbeing. It reminds us to stay curious, connected, and hungry for knowledge of a world outside our own. It reminds us to embrace the depth and richness that these other worlds have to offer, and that the application of our robust and capable selves can be the greatest affirmation of holistic living.


Therefore, we should keep in mind that it is a healthy habit to wander off from time to time and explore the world around us. If for no other reason than to stoke a sense of wide-eyed wonderment that will keep us close to the earth, close to each other, and close to our self. To be bitten by the travel bug, as the saying goes, may not be a sickness so much as a remedy, if ultimately it leads you back to who you are.

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