The Clean Tee

Today, I would love to introduce you guys to the seriously innovative trailblazers of Nomadix and their latest campaign for change, Clean Apparel: The Most Sustainable T-Shirt on the Planet.

The. Planet.

No, really.

You may remember co-founder, Chace from a previous post in which I interviewed him for Pure Green Magazine and I’m really thrilled to share his next venture with you here on the blog. The Clean Apparel campaign is striving to break ground in the apparel industry by producing “the most sustainable t-shirt on the planet”. Through a powerful closed-loop manufacturing system, Nomadix recycles textile scraps to create new material that uses way less water and energy, plus, is free from the harmful pesticides or dyes that are found in so many articles of clothing. The end result is a siiiiiickkk tee (my words and maybe their’s too) that has you thinking, well, why doesn’t everybody do this? And that, friends is the key point. With apparel being the second most polluting industry (oil is first) and something that we consume almost mindlessly it’s important to realize that industry standards are low and damaging to the health of people and planet, to say the very least. 

Help to support and share the word of Nomadix’s Clean Apparel campaign through their Kickstarter, here and vote with your dollars! We are conscious consumers who can make a significant change if we dare and I truly hope that you do.

Check out their KS page for tons of info graphics and some reaaaally cool packages for backers (yoga mats, water bottles and tees included!). Just 3 days left, so get at it!




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