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In a talk on why he decided to start a Fair Trade coffee company,  Jonathon Golden eloquently made a complex idea incredibly simple, “I just don’t see why someone needs to suffer for my morning cup”.

It’s true. In our world of creature comforts, we can spend a lot of time fretting over  how “inconvenient” all our many conveniences have become: the price of our coffee, the long lines, the Amazon order that’s taking foooreeeverrr. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to say we aren’t allowed to enjoy what we’ve been given, I only argue that we can — and should — always aim to be more thoughtful and responsible citizens of the world. 

So, Christmas. Yeah, I pretty much always get excited for my Christmas Eve outfit. It’s festive, it’s fun, we’re Scandinavian so we drink a lot of glogg and then get a little more festive and fun. But this year, while mulling over (heh heh) mu holiday party dress, I took Jonathon’s words to heart. No one should have to suffer for my morning cup or my outfit. There are a ton of brands and retailers who put Fair Trade and sustainable materials first (think: B Corp businesses).

If you are looking for ethical dress but don’t know where to start here are 5 of my favorite holiday party dresses. Get inspired, poke around and dress up this holiday season, OK? We all need it.

  1. The Vee Sweater Dress by Slumlove


2. Beatnik Tunic Top by Bead & Reel


3. Young Love Dress by Ash + Rose


4. Chiffon Maxi Dress by Symbology Clothing


5. Fifth Label Time Lapse Dress by Alternative Apparel


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