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Depending on the day, brewing your morning coffee can be a relaxing and enjoyable process or a rushed and mindless one as you dash out the door, mug in hand. Whether your morning is slow and steady or just one big blur, there are a few simple ways you can cut back on waste, energy consumption and savor your morning cup all at once. As someone who loves to drink her java regularly, slowing down even for a minute and making sustainable choices first thing helps me build better habits. Plus, the end result is really, reaaally worth it… 

Chemex Coffeemaker 
Beautiful, handcrafted and super easy to use, the Chemex is my go-to for eco-friendly coffee brewing. Its pour-over method requires little to no energy other than boiling a few cups of water and you can reduce your waste 100% by composting the coffee grinds and replacing the paper filter with a coffee sock.

Coffee Sock
After having switched to Chemex it really bothered me that I was still creating unnecessary waste using a disposable paper filter. Approximately 750 million paper filters are being used and discarded every day in addition to difficult to recycle K-Cups and coffee pods that seem to be in every modern household. Discovering the Coffee Sock was my a-ha moment and I haven’t looked back since. Handmade in the USA from organic cotton, it functions just as well as a paper filter, if not better. Simply fill it up with ground coffee, pour, brew and rinse!

Fair Trade + USDA Organic Coffee
Many coffee growers live in poverty and are easily taken advantage of by buyers who pay less than what they deserve. Fair Trade ensures that these small-scale, family-owned farms are connected directly to importers who pay fairly and allow them to sustainably grow their businesses.

Conventional non-organic coffee is grown using synthetic chemicals that are harmful to the growers, streams, land and air around them. These crops are also trained to grow in the sun, even though coffee plants thrive in the shade, as a result, land has been cleared away causing deforestation. Opting for organic coffee helps keep carbon emissions low, supports a healthy and diverse ecosystem and the workers who would otherwise be exposed to toxic chemicals.

*Look for bags with the Fair Trade and USDA Organic certification and buy in bulk, if possible.

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