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From the sun-soaked coast of Biarritz, Swedish-native and avid surfer, Filippa Edghill, paints delicate and compelling watercolors that speak to our connection to self, others and the natural world. She has long been my favorite artist not just because of the beautiful simplicity of her technique but also the ways in which she so effortlessly communicates that tangible feeling and emotion of being in your body—most especially in the water.  That Filippa has a heart for the environment and uses the message of conservation to underscore her work makes me love her art all that much more. 

Below are some of my personal favorites. Be sure to check out Filippa’s site to buy prints and support this talented artist.

…form and figure trigger a different thought in different people because we’ve lived different experiences.


Themselves hopefully or someone they know. A mother, a sister, a lover or anybody that they consider to be strong and vulnerable which simply is to be beautifully human.

-On what she hopes people see in her artwork

FE Body of WaterFE dandelionFE Private Universe #1FE tinydancersFE Painting

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