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Of all the tips, tricks and life hacks that make living an eco-friendly lifestyle accessible, 3 ingredient recipes are by far my favorite ones. Why? Because it’s not hard to memorize such a short list and it keeps Brian and I from becoming dependent on store-bought cleaners. For me, that second part is a such a huge win. There’s nothing more paralyzing and discouraging than wanting to do better but feeling overwhelmed by the process. So, it’s empowering to find something like this that really works. 

Contrary to what many of us believe, we don’t need harsh antibacterial soaps from the store to clean our surfaces. Scientific studies have shown that two of the most commonly used chemicals in these products (triclosan and triclocarbon) will break down into dioxin overtime. Dioxin is a carcinogen, meaning it can cause cancer and high concentrations of these chemicals have been found in everything from the soil to our blood pathways and those of other animals—including their milk. Scary stuff.

OK. So, no worries! You can take a deep breath of relief because natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda and essential oils can kill harmful bacteria without the awful side effects. And as I’ve promised, I’ll share my favorite recipe for a safe and effective 3 ingredient cleaning spray that works on nearly every surface (just test a small spot first!).

Non-Toxic All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

  • 1 part white distilled vinegar (1 or 2 cups, depending on your container’s size)
  • 1 part filtered, warm water
  • 15 drops of essential oil

Clean out your spray bottle (I prefer to use amber glass bottles)  and add one part water, one part vinegar. For the essential oil, my favorite brand is Vitruvi for its purity and price point and their deeeelightfully-scented Sweet Orange oil works great in all-purpose spray.

*Note: If you need something tougher on grease or grime, sprinkle baking soda on the surface first to make it more abrasive. Then simply spray and wipe!


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3 thoughts on “DIY | Eco All-Purpose Cleaning Spray”

  1. Have you ever tried this with citrus peels? I see a lot of people soaking their leftover orange peels in vinegar and cleaning with that! Curious about how well it works! And if it still smells like vinegar…

    1. Hey there! I haven’t done exactly that but I do use citrus peels for cleaning a lot. Their oils are the most wonderfully aromatic natural disinfectant and my most common use for them is to boil the peels in a pot of water and toss my sponges, rags, etc. in there for a good cleaning at least once a week. If you try that method, let me know! It sounds like a great one and I’ll definitely give it a shot.

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