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Our climate is changing. Politically, socially and especially environmentally things aren’t the way they used to be. For those of who us who love our winters, that’s a problem.

I grew up with parents who love to ski. From the time I could stand up in a shopping cart (apparently, this was the tip-off) I was on a pair of skis and learning how to pizza and french-fry my way down the mountain. Memories of fluffy powder days out west and even glorious cruddy days out east —although, we certainly have our own brand of pow — are things I won’t ever forget. However, if the rising temps have anything to say about that, these might just stay a memory.

If you’re a skier, snowboarder or a [enter winter sport here] this news probably sucks. At least, that’s what the folks at Protect Our Winters (POW) thought. Founded in 2007 by pro snowboarder, Jeremy Jones, POW is a nonprofit organization that works to engage and harness the power of the outdoor community to implement positive environmental change.  

Amie Engerbretson, Alta, utahphoto:Adam Clark
Amie Engerbretson, Alta, utah photo:Adam Clark

Like so many of us know to be true (myself included), they also realize that our childhood memories make a lifelong impact. So, they made youth education one of their top priorities in part with a lineup of passionate pro athletes who help instill a sense of community and social activism in young kids through their program, Hot Athletes Cool Planet.

Besides spending time in schools, POW is also working hard to mobilize the community through proactive rallies and events, partnerships and tons of useful resources on their site. Check out a few of my favorite POW moments below, plus, read their amazingly helpful Climate Activist’s Roadmap to take action in your area.

1) Water Worshippers
A short film made in part by Down to Earth + pro skier/ POW alum, Lexi Dupont, about their trip to Iceland where they documented the effects of climate change across the world for students back in the U.S. to see. Check out the video above!

2) Climate Impact Report
An in-depth report about how the effects of climate change negatively impact revenue in ski mountains and the outdoor industry at large. It made its way around the internet multiple times and even popped up on NYT as well. Read it here!

Clark Fyans, Denali, Alaska
Clark Fyans, Denali, Alaska

3) CEO Alliance
From The North Face to Clif Bar, Smartwool to Burton Snowboards and more, some of the outdoor industry’s biggest CEO’s are teaming up with POW to create meaningful change by leveraging their businesses and implementing policy change. Are you a CEO? Do you know a CEO? You can read more about it, here.

Donate to POW to help keep the stoke (and our planet) alive.

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