Here at The Basic Goods, I write, share and create all different kinds of content.

Whether it’s an interview, a DIY or a featured shop, each piece underscores the importance of making sustainable and conscious choices. That’s why I’m taking a moment to say that the heart and soul of this blog is all about taking action.

If you’re reading this, you most likely have the ability to make powerful and impactful decisions that affect the environment and other people — seen and unseen. But let’s be real, we can’t assume that homemade bread or buying a reusable water bottle will solve our most crucial problems. The real power of these everyday things lies in shifting our perspective and being willing to change . As Yvonne Chouinard says in his film, 180 degrees South, simple living is more complicated than living fast

It means giving things up and being willing to see the ripple effect of our every action. It means taking a long, hard look at what you have verse what you want and having the strength to take a few steps back to see other possible solutions. For me, it means acceptance and having enough humility to see our interconnectedness. We don’t live in a vacuum so why do we act as if we do?

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In our society, it’s hard to stay connected. As a writer and a yoga teacher I do this for a living — I teach connectedness! I write and look for it everywhere — but the daily struggle is real friends. There are so many other things vying for our attention that we could easily stay numb to it all. Have we lost our connection to our place in the natural world? I’m not sure how to answer that but at times, I think the answer is sadly, yes. Rather than wallow in it all, this is reason enough for me to stay motivated, inspired and proactive.

In my very favorite interview, I had the privilege of talking to organic farmer, Bill Ahrens, who said,

“you are a planetoid. Like our earth, you yourself are populated with trillions of creatures. You actually rely intimately on those microorganisms for your own health, and your gut health is directly tied to the soil health of the food you eat. All life is symbiotic – the idea is that you are not alone.”

We are not only responsible for our own wellbeing but we are responsible to each other and all life around us. This is a big thought. These are big things to consider. Consider them. Start thinking about yourself as one among many. It has the potential to change your life.

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Lately, I’ve felt a little stagnant and frustrated here. Maybe the start of the new year was the motivation I needed to hit refresh or maybe I needed the push from others around me (side note: I’m always inspired by other people’s hard work and accomplishments. So, go you!) but I’m really excited to start a new segment of TBG called, “inspired action”.

My goal is to help contextualize every project, product and bit of advice here, big and small, to help you stay grounded and incentivize you to keep pushing forward. You’ll soon start to see the phrase, “Inspired action” popping up within a post so you can better understand the why behind things I post and share.

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Whether you are making an effort to use less plastic, switching to solar energy or even just getting outside in nature more often, I am with you. No effort is wasted or too small to count. Inspired action means staying empowered in a world that often feels disempowering and being an agent of positive change.

My hope is to simply inspire and encourage our collective action. And to help us stay connected not only to ourselves but to each other and the world around us.

Thanks so much for reading.


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    1. That makes me so happy to hear! Thanks so much for sharing that. Looking forward to this new segment and learning more about what other’s experiences are, like yours!
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