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Having sustainable habits and living an eco-friendly lifestyle is, like any endeavor, hard to do if you aren’t constantly learning new things. To stay updated, I have a roster of sustainability podcasts that focus on nearly every aspect of green living so that I’m always feeling inspired and motivated to keep going even when it gets hard.

Let’s be honest friends, sometimes you feel pretty alone in this thing (re: the girl in the corner freaking out over the styrofoam plates at a family dinner) and it helps to have likeminded people who are just as enthusiastic and passionate about these topics as you are. So, podcasts? Yeah, that’s a huge part of green living for me.

To get you started, I’ve rounded up the best sustainability podcasts with everything from story-driven narratives, interviews, to lighthearted conversations and advice, to the downright nerdy science that you need to know (my favorite).



The best way to make progress is to stay informed and stay motivated to keep making change. All of these podcasts have an uplifting and inspiring message that focuses on seeing our planet’s future in an positive light: we can make change. Listening to these podcasts help you stay in a good head space and keep you connected to the large community of people who care just as much as you do! 

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Got any other suggestions, thoughts or podcasts that you love to listen to and don’t see here? I want to know! Share in the comments below. Happy listening!

Warm Regards

After I discovered this climate change podcast I was thrown into a world of passionate climate scientists and journalists and never looked back. Warm Regards is a podcast about the warming planet and covers such topics as how to cope with it, what’s going to happen and how to start important conversations with climate change deniers.

Warming Signs

Mountain & Prairie 

If you fall into the category of liberal, eco-friendly, tree-hugging hippie then move the Mountain & Prairie podcast to the very top of your list. Host and rancher Ed Roberson interviews people of the American West and has the most delightful, fascinating and downright important conversations with hunters and ranchers who are also conservationists. This will dramatically shift your perspective no matter what side you are on.

My Ocean

The My Ocean podcast will leave you feeling inspired and severely unproductive at the same time as they interview some of the “ocean’s biggest champions”. For everyone out there who loves a good, how did you get here? story and is wanting to make a positive change on our increasingly fragile blue planet this one is for you.

Outdoors/In Radio

A combination of reporting and long-form storytelling, Outdoors/In is one part This American Life and one part Nat Geo. They are based in New Hampshire and give a really great perspective on the outdoors, why we love it and why we should care about protecting our treasured lands.

The Minimalists 

Whether it’s their film, books, blog or the podcast, The Minimalists are dedicated to delivering you information and inspiration on how to live life low impact. I love their real-life conversations on topics such as not feeling discouraged and staying focused on living consciously.

Conscious Chatter 

I happily discovered Kestrel’s website via the lovely ladies at The Good Trade where I’m a monthly contributor. Always ones with good taste, Conscious Chatter has proved to be my go-to for all things sustainable fashion, fair trade and eco-friendly style.

Pure Green Podcast 

As the former Web Editor and even partial podcast producer (!) for Pure Green Magazine’s Pure Green Podcast, I can attest to this one. Dig through the archives (the podcast ended in 2016) and listen to Celine MacKay’s enlightening conversations with some of the leading figures in the world of green living. It covered everything from food to gardening to how to have a zero-waste lifestyle and I couldn’t speak more high of it!

The Overstory

Brought to you by the eco-activists at The Sierra Club, The Overstory’s archives include interviews with such leaders as, author Paul Hawken, adventurers like Ray Smith and the like. If you don’t know them and their missions it’s even more reason to queue up an episode. They also chat with National Park biologists and answer questions with their resident eco-friendly expert, Mr. Green.

Warming Signs

There are few better resources to teach us about climate change than the Weather Channel. Meteorologist and host, Kait Parker delivers weekly updates with some super interesting information, such as, what is climate change, species extinction and what exactly is the big deal about an extra two degrees in the atmosphere? It’s only a little nerdy. It’s a lot of good science. It is so good. Give it a listen!

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