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Sometimes the internet brings you wonderful connections with inspiring and likeminded people that you might have never met otherwise. Kim Klassen, a Canadian sustainability consultant and passionate environmental advocate is exactly that person. I scrolled through her Instagram account and was totally intrigued by her label and positive messages. So, as curiosity got the best of me I reached out to learn more about Kim’s mission and was certainly not disappointed.

We had a long conversation — her in Canada and me in New Jersey — about her past work as an environmental scientist for oil and gas companies in Calgary and what she’s learned about conservation by way of her career and personal commitment to green living.

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As I mentioned, Kim is also a sustainability consultant where she works with folks on an individual level by coming into their home and helping them assess their lifestyle and habits, so they can leave the smallest environment footprint possible. It’s from that work that Kim shared with me what she called, the “3 C’s of Sustainability”, which is an inspiring ethos that she uses when working with clients and in her own life as well.

For her, successfully living a sustainable and conscious lifestyle isn’t so much about achieving goals but a natural reflection of feeling content and fulfilled on the inside so that you don’t need as much from the outside.

This message resonated so deeply with me and mirrored my own personal ethos that I’ve shared on TBG of starting from a place of Inspired Action.  I’m truly so excited to share the 3 C’s of Sustainability with you. Like Kim, I agree that this lifestyle isn’t so much about what you do but the why’s behind it and your why is the most important motivator of them all.

I truly hope you find as much inspiration in this as I did and a huge thanks to Kim Klassen for sharing her mission and words here on The Basic Goods. Thanks, Kim!

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“Overall, I believe if we can learn how to be happy from within, we don’t need so much from the outside to make us feel fulfilled. And we do this by following the 3C’s.”

Consciousness – Being aware of ourselves in this world and how we act and react to each moment in life.

ConnectionStrengthening our bonds to self, nature, and all beings on the planet.

ConsumptionBeing conscious and getting connected, automatically brings mindfulness to our consumption style and habits.



Check out Kim on Instagram and learn more about her mission to help women find their voice at Women Speak. Plus, she’s also doing some incredible work with sustainable plastics at Advanced Biocarbon 3D, an amazing new technology that I am stoked to learn more about. Thanks, Kim!

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