The Conscious Traveller | Bamboo Utensils for Going Plastic-Free While Traveling

Finding your plastic-free groove in your everyday life is an incredibly empowering experience. When that confidence is shattered by a road trip or vacation where you have no choice but to use plastic utensils and other disposable items is not so fun. Trust me, I’ve been there and those guilty feelings can weigh on you — sometimes they can even undo some hard-earned habits, which is tough but unfortunately our reality. Since our society doesn’t yet see single-use plastics as the massive problem that they truly are it’s impossible to avoid these things while you’re on the road. That’s why being prepared and arming yourself with this knowledge is the best way to avoid these situations.

I won’t lie, it takes some extra effort and planning ahead to become self-sufficient enough to keep up your sustainable lifestyle when you’re traveling. Trying to go plastic-free on planes, at rest stops or even a restaurant without your reusable utensils can be a losing battle. Luckily there are plastic-free alternatives that are lightweight, multi-purposeful and beautiful for when you’re on the road. Especially during the summer, when you’re more likely to just drop everything and go, it’s so important to be mindful and prepared.


Bamboo utensils for going plastic-free when traveling.
Bambu Spork and Cork Set

Enter Bambu Utensils. (Psst: Simply click the links for some easy Amazon shopping!)

My good friend put these gorgeous plastic-free utensils on my radar and I was absolutely giddy to find them. When something is functional, sustainable and beautifully-made it gets me so excited. Why shouldn’t they be designed well and look good, too?! Bambu checks off all these boxes for me and makes me excited to use them. I travel a lot and it’s such a bummer to get stuck with plastic, so the Bambu Spork and Cork Set is my all time fave for when I am on-the-go. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket or purse and I carry it with me everywhere.

Bamboo utensils for going plastic-free when traveling.
Bambu Utensil Travel Set with Organic Cotton Cover

As cute as the chubby little spork and cork set is, sometimes you need larger utensils for your road trip meals. I could not help myself from also purchasing the Bambu Utensil Travel Set complete with Fork, Knife and Spoon, plus an organic cotton cover to keep it clean.  It’s beautiful, functional and easily fits in your bag or dashboard compartment when you are traveling. When you’re done using them just rinse them off and slip the cover back on to keep it clean. Besides being sturdy and durable bamboo also has natural anti-microbial properties so it’s not laden with nasty bacteria and will stay clean for longer.


So, there you have it. Two easy and beautiful plastic-free alternatives for utensils when you are traveling. I’m such a huge fan of this brand and highly suggest ordering yourself one or both of these travel kits. They are affordable, convenient and a super simple way to kick that plastic habit once and for all. Here are those shopping links again in case you missed them.

Happy trails!

Bambu Spork and Cork Set

Bambu Utensil Travel Set with Organic Cotton Cover 


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