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If you are new to The Basic Goods or need a refresher on what’s at the heart of this blog, it’s dedicated to slowing down and simplifying our lives through a deep appreciation of the little things — the basic goods of life. Finding a connection to the beauty of our natural world, ourselves and one another in ways both large and small is paramount to living out this idea. So, when I can find a way to do one or two of those things at once I’m pretty happy. But doing all three? Well, that’s a moment to soak in for sure.

For the Fall Equinox we did exactly that. As a yoga teacher and someone who loves to be outside, a morning hike and outdoor yoga class bring together the best of both worlds — oh, and of course it’d be followed with a locally-brewed beer or cider, it’s only right, people.

When I reached out to my good friend and yoga teacher, Erica Spirko, she suggested turning it into a celebration of the Fall Equinox at a quiet spot in Warwick, New York.  From there all of the pieces somehow came together.



When we gathered together, our morning was made even more perfect thanks to two conscious brands who helped guests keep up their energy for the day. ‘Cause being hangry was simply not an option.

Chameleon Cold Brew generously provided bottles of their organic cold brew coffee that’s sustainably-grown and harvested from coffee farms in Guatemala, Peru and Colombia. I was particularly stoked to learn about CCB’s compassion-based business ethos that puts the farmer’s health, livelihood and fair compensation first. Their mission to develop a long-term economical, environmental and social sustainability model on their coffee farms and in the communities was something Erica and I were proud to support.

You can read a bit more about why it’s important to be a conscious coffee drinker, here.


On the hike we fueled up with snack bites from Santa Barbara-based Sun & Swell foods. Each pack is full of clean and simple snacks with 5 ingredients or fewer that are all organic, Non-GMO and free of preservatives or artificial flavors and colors. It’s kind of insane to think about all the things that you should not eat. To be honest, that alone can be really overwhelming and turn many people off from eating natural foods. Thankfully, brands like Sun and Swell are proof that aligning with nature and eating clean is simple and doesn’t have to be so complicated. Plus, they are yum-my. Like, real good, guys.


Together we welcomed in the change of the season beneath a warm September sun and cool, crisp temperatures that got all of us excited for the coming of Fall. We set our intention as one that is purposeful, aware and grounded in all that the present moment has to offer us while we’re in the middle of things. It wasn’t hard to feel connected to our ourselves, each other and the environment with that view of the Catskill Mountains and a fun, lighthearted energy in our group.



Fall Equinox Me and Erica


Equinox Hike1

A huge thanks to everyone who joined us for the Fall Equinox Hike and Yoga! Hoping that you all get a chance to enjoy this beautiful Fall season. Can’t get outside but looking for more ways to attune your body and mind to a slower and more natural state? Check out my free e-course, A Course in Calm.


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