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We are currently in the thick of cold and flu season and my husband Brian and I are hygge-ing away here in Maine. Aside from staying active and keeping gentle movement apart of our routine to stay well, I’ve made sure to incorporate Young Living Essential Oils into our lives.

I’ve been using essential oils for several years now — admittedly in a somewhat clueless manner — but finally made the switch to Young Living about five months ago and I have to say, they are truly worth it. As the purest and most highly-regarded essential oils on the market, YL’s pedigree (and high standards) assures me that I made the right decision, as not all oils are created equal.

If you are new to EOs (essential oils) an easy way to think about them is as highly potent, steam-distilled plant, herb or seed used for therapeutic benefits. They are complex and beautiful. Which is why so many brands on the shelves simply can’t be taken for face value the way Young Living can. I promise to talk more about EOs in an introductory article but let’s get to the icky winter cold remedy stuff. ‘Cause you probably can’t breathe right now and I get that. Moving on.

Aside from getting physically sick, it’s also easy to get seasonal depression during the winter and yes, if you were wondering, there’s totally an oil for that. Sort of…
So, if you’re in the thick of it this winter, here are my four favorite essential oils for cold and flu season.

To get your hands on Young Living Essential Oils, go to this page where you can get a starter kit complete with a diffuser, guide to oils and all the EOs I mention here!

THIEVES OIL – A blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary. When combined, these essential oils are highly antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-infectious. A study in 1997 at Weber State University in Utah showed how effective these oils were at eradicating airborne germs. Yay science! Look up that research, you guys.

How to Use: The Thieves Vitality EO can be added to a diffuser, inhaled directly or applied topically with 3-4 drops of a pure carrier oil like Jojoba or Coconut Oil.
When to Use: I like to use it as soon as I feel a cold coming on or as a preventative measure against germy-situations, i.e. planes, people, sick babies!

RAVEN – Brian was coming down with a cold and I gave him this EO. After using, he said “it smelled like the pink peppermints and it felt really good”. So, my work here is done. Anyway, it is a total delight and even better that it works. This blend of camphor (my absolute favorite plant), lemon, wintergreen, peppermint and eucalyptus radiata fights against respiratory infections like a mother.

How to Use: Diffuse for 30 minutes about 3x per day or directly inhale.You can also dilute this puppy with a carrier oil and apply topically, use it as a hot compress on the lungs or just cover yourself in it, lol. Just don’t ingest it — but seriously.
When to Use: It’s great as a preventative but it’s extra great when you’re sick.
*Create your healthy, plant-based chest rub by combining 1-2 drops of Thieves Vitality and 1-2 drops of Raven with 4 drops of carrier oil. I love, love, love this for an extra potent oil blend.*

STRESS AWAY – The Stress Away blend is a lifesaving elixir of Copaiba, lime, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Ocotea and Lavender. It’s just so lovely and restorative. It’s also great as an alternative scent for ladies!

How to Use: Diffuse as you like or apply topically without a carrier oil. I like to douse myself in Stress Away, particular hot spots are the temples, wrist and neck.
When to Use: As needed! Being sick during the winter is stressful. Being stressed during the winter is also stressful. Stress compounded on sickness is not the best wellness tactic, and Stress Away can help.

LEMON VITALITY – A happy little bottle of lemon essential oils; in my mind, I picture a hundred lemons smiling and sort of bouncing around in a field of flowers. There’s probably a more accurate definition of this EO online if you prefer to look it up.

How to Use: Diffuse it, inhale it or add a drop to a large glass of water for a winter pick-me-up.
When to Use: Other than being a tasty drink when you need to perk up, the bright and effervescent scent of lemon is really helpful for staying energize and alert during the dark winter days. Personally, this is an uplifting aromatic for me and it helps when I started feeling that sluggishness begin to creep in during the dark days of winter. While I highly recommend using it as a mood booster, seasonal depression is real and dangerous. Please don’t be afraid to seek professional help if you are struggling.

And that’s it, y’all! I hope you grab yourself a Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit and purchase my Yogi’s Guide to Winter Wellness to stay healthy and careful with your body, heart and mind this season. Much love to you all!

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