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As the winter season begins to wind down, I wanted to offer you the chance to download this at-home practice, A Yogi’s Guide to Winter Wellness for $9! Originally, the cost went for a cool $15, the price of one yoga class. However, as a we begin to make this transition into a new season, I’ll be working on more downloadable and inspiring content for you to establish a deeper connection with yourself, others and our natural world. So, here’s a sale for ya!

Not familiar with the guide? Here’s a quick rundown…

This guide will teach you valuable tools to stay in touch with your body-mind from a holistic perspective. Through simple yet potent yoga poses, breathwork exercises and a mindfulness practice you’ll learn how to better attune and attend to your health throughout the winter season. Plus, a crash course from Dr. Liz McGinley in how to be well (!!!)

You will receive… 

  • A beautifully-designed and inspiring downloadable PDF that you can print out or keep on your computer for whenever you need to access it
  • High-resolution photos of curated yoga poses that will help you stay healthy
  • Suggested sequences and ways to implement this into your every day
  • Science-based information on your physiological processes and the ways in which specific yoga poses can be woven into your self-care routine
A sneak peek at what’s inside!

How you’ll benefit… 

  • Develop a keen awareness of what your body-mind needs to be well
  • Learn how to nourish and remain connected to your whole self even through stressful times
  • You’ll walk away with more context and understanding of how the body works and that is powerful

As always, feel free to reach out here or with any questions. I hope you decide to make this investment in your health and support my small biz of one! Click the box below to purchase the guide.

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