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I should rephrase the title slightly to say, “My collection of zero waste writings so far” because that’s a much more honest depiction of this tiny but mighty archive. As a contributing writer for The Good Trade, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to take a deep dive into the ways in which we can make a big difference with small actions every day. Disposable single-use plastic has become the center of attention recently and while that’s exciting it can also be a little paralyzing.

We set out on a mission to help you stop freaking out and feeling depressed about all the things you can’t control and focus on what you can do, which, fortunately is a lot. This brief list is chock full of resources, tools and really important sustainable swaps that’s attainable for recovering plastic addicts (me!). Since this blog is all about taking #inspiredaction everyday I’m confident this article embodies that ethos. So, read, share and most importantly keep up your amazing work! Stay tuned for more writing on zero waste and plastic-less tips.

How to Store Greens Without Plastic

…and keep them fresh. It’s possible, people! It’s amazing how conditioned we’ve become to reach for the saran wrap when it comes to preserving fresh foods. The adjustment was so easy that I rarely remember life with ziploc bags. Seriously though, all it takes is a bit of prepping, trial and error and the willingness to create a new habit and you’ll be there in no time. Both my husband and I do this without hesitation and find that our greens and fresh veggies last just as long, if not longer.

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10 Plastic-Free Kitchen Essentials

Zero waste on a budget! This list of the top ten plastic-free kitchen essentials is geared towards the penny pinching zero-wasters. To be honest, it’s not terribly expensive to start swapping out your single-use plastic items for reusable alternatives but then again, sometimes the spare change just isn’t there. I encourage you, no matter your financial situation to work in changes that feel good and work for you. It won’t always be effortlessly but nothing will stick if it feels out of sync and out of budget. Do one thing at a time and get really good at it! Then, slowly but surely make your way down this list and watch how far you’ve come.

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9 Plastic-Free Beauty Essentials

There is SO much room for improvement here. I won’t lie, it was a serious blind spot for me and one that I am constantly reconfiguring as more products enter the market. However, you can cut back big time on the plastic and general waste in your bathroom by making these sustainable swaps. Plastic-free TP? Yep. Bamboo brushes, shampoo bars and even menstrual supplies, dialing down your disposables in this area of your life can lead to bigger and better changes elsewhere. It’s like a fun game! I call it, buh-bye plastic. Or something like that…

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Zero Waste Travel Essentials

Traveling and being zero-waste is haaaaaard. At times, impossible. That is okay. Let’s repeat that one more time: you will create waste while traveling and you might even have plastic wrappers in your car/bag/hotel room. That is a fact of life and yet we will stay the course. So there’s that. Much of our world is remains engulfed in plastic and since you can’t possibly bring your entire home along with you it’s bound to happen. That said, there are so many ways to skirt around this issue (Bring your own water bottles, utensils, etc.) and how you choose to dispose of your waste is also important! Everything counts and perfect is the enemy of the good, so don’t beat yourself up, just do your best. This article will help. Luv ya.

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