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The Conscious Kitchen | Simple Ways to Avoid Food Waste in the Summer

This summer, my husband and I joined a CSA from a local farm near us in Warwick, New York called Hesperides Organica. If you aren’t familiar with the term CSA it is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture, which is basically a box full of delicious, homegrown fruits and veggies  from a local farm every week. I wish I could say that we do this every year but no, we are first-time CSA members and are definitely in it for the long run.

For a vegetarian like me, the CSA is magical and here’s why:

  • I never have to worry about unnecessary plastic wrap or waste
  • The food is always organic, in-season and locally-grown
  • It’s a box overflowing with delicious, amazing, fresh food
  • Our farmer sends a weekly email with recipes to go along with your CSA share

Like I said — magic. The only downside is that, try as we might, we simply cannot eat all of the produce before it begins to rot and wilt. Seeing this beautiful homegrown food go to waste pained me and made me feel really guilty for not being “better” and eating this abundance of food in time. Which got me thinking of how big an issue food waste is overall. “According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization, 30 percent of food is wasted globally across the supply chain, contributing 8 percent of total global greenhouse gas emissions.”


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What is ocean plastic pollution, the reasons for it and how we can solve it with environmentalist, David Evans.
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People | An Environmentalist Helps Us Break Down Ocean Plastic Pollution

Hey, friends! As you may already know, I, Katherine, am the sole writer and content creator here at The Basic Goods. Whether it’s green living tips, products that help you to be more eco-friendly, or general thoughts on treading lightly, it all stems from my personal experience and what I have learned as a sustainability writer.

What you may not know is that scientific data is my go-to source for all things eco. I rely heavily on this to make sure the facts I provide here are correct. I try to be an educated consumer and expert on the topics as much as possible but there are some things that I just don’t know! So, you can imagine how excited I was to connect with a real-life environmentalist. David Evans is founder of prch, a resource of eco-minded consumers and has a degree in environmental studies from UCLA plus years of experience working to raise awareness about marine conservation.

What is ocean plastic pollution, the reasons for it and how we can solve it with environmentalist, David Evans.


On TBG, Evans helps us break down the complex topic of ocean plastic pollution, an environmental issue that I personally am passionate and hopeful about solving in my lifetime. I’ll be talking even more about ocean plastic pollution in the future, in the meantime enjoy this guest post from environmentalist, David Evans who is sharing some crucial ways to take Inspired Action today.

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The Conscious Traveller | Bamboo Utensils for Going Plastic-Free While Traveling

Finding your plastic-free groove in your everyday life is an incredibly empowering experience. When that confidence is shattered by a road trip or vacation where you have no choice but to use plastic utensils and other disposable items is not so fun. Trust me, I’ve been there and those guilty feelings can weigh on you — sometimes they can even undo some hard-earned habits, which is tough but unfortunately our reality. Since our society doesn’t yet see single-use plastics as the massive problem that they truly are it’s impossible to avoid these things while you’re on the road. That’s why being prepared and arming yourself with this knowledge is the best way to avoid these situations.

I won’t lie, it takes some extra effort and planning ahead to become self-sufficient enough to keep up your sustainable lifestyle when you’re traveling. Trying to go plastic-free on planes, at rest stops or even a restaurant without your reusable utensils can be a losing battle. Luckily there are plastic-free alternatives that are lightweight, multi-purposeful and beautiful for when you’re on the road. Especially during the summer, when you’re more likely to just drop everything and go, it’s so important to be mindful and prepared.

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The Conscious Kitchen | How to Store Vegetables Without Plastic

See the original post here at The Good Trade. 

Notoriously quick to wilt and rot, leafy greens can keep fresh for nearly a week when stored correctly, and the best way to do that doesn’t involve a single plastic bag! Besides being one of the largest forms of pollution on our planet and oceans, plastic doesn’t break down and BPA, the toxic chemical found in plastic, can leach out into our produce, eventually making its way into our bodies, as well.

The good news? There is more awareness about the effects plastic has on our food than ever before, so the real challenge is deciding which option to choose! Not to worry, preserving your greens plastic-free is simple, easy and budget-friendly to boot.

Got a seriously delicious farmer’s market haul that you don’t want to see go to waste? Here’s how to store your greens without plastic.

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Green Living | The 3 C’s of Sustainability

Sometimes the internet brings you wonderful connections with inspiring and likeminded people that you might have never met otherwise. Kim Klassen, a Canadian sustainability consultant and passionate environmental advocate is exactly that person. I scrolled through her Instagram account and was totally intrigued by her label and positive messages. So, as curiosity got the best of me I reached out to learn more about Kim’s mission and was certainly not disappointed.

We had a long conversation — her in Canada and me in New Jersey — about her past work as an environmental scientist for oil and gas companies in Calgary and what she’s learned about conservation by way of her career and personal commitment to green living.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 1.08.44 PM

As I mentioned, Kim is also a sustainability consultant where she works with folks on an individual level by coming into their home and helping them assess their lifestyle and habits, so they can leave the smallest environment footprint possible. It’s from that work that Kim shared with me what she called, the “3 C’s of Sustainability”, which is an inspiring ethos that she uses when working with clients and in her own life as well. Read More

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Recap | One Day Without Plastic + My Earth Day Plastic Fails

To start, I want to say thank you to everyone who pledged to go plastic-free on Earth Day 2018 and gave it their best shot at living One Day Without Plastic. If you are anything like me, you probably noticed that it is everywhere and struggled to avoid the single-use, disposable plastics that litter our world. As consumers, it seems as though the marketing world has has us convinced that we need them to happily live a life of ease and convenience. My takeaway this Earth Day was that cleaning up our plastics isn’t necessarily the hardest part, it’s changing people’s hearts and minds that may prove to be the greatest challenge for our generation.

Plastic is truly all around us — it’s even inside of many of us, as studies have shown that some of the smallest marine life at the bottom of the food chain, like krill and microscopic plankton, eat the micro plastics that break-up (plastic doesn’t break down or biodegrade) and inhabit our oceans. They are eaten by bigger fish that we consume and thus plastic becomes a part of our lives in more ways than we can imagine.

I don’t say this to scare you or make you feel hopeless but I think we all do ourselves a disservice if we simply comply to living a life of ignorance as bliss instead of taking inspired and empowered actionRead More

A how-to guide for anyone who wants to know how to grow herbs indoors from seeds. These 3 plants, parsley, basil and cilantro are easy to plant and grow on your windowsill or kitchen.
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DIY | How to Grow Windowsill Herbs at Home

Reposted from The Good Trade. Check out my monthly posts on green living here and at! 

If you’re anything like me, the start of spring always finds my mind wandering to fresh air and open windows, bustling farmer’s markets and even (dare I say it?) a thriving backyard vegetable garden. However, sometimes it takes a little longer for those cold snaps to warm up and the frozen ground to thaw than we’d like to admit. What’s the next best thing? Windowsill gardens.

Whether or not you have a green thumb, windowsill gardens aren’t as difficult as they might seem and are good practice for tending to pickier and more temperamental plants down the road. Plus, there’s nothing that can brighten up your space more than a colorful windowsill garden.

Ready to get started? Here are three herbs to start growing in your kitchen to help you green up your apartment this spring. Read More

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Here are the 5 best reusable plastic alternatives to help you cut back on plastic pollution in your everyday life.
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Green Living | 5 of the Best Reusable Plastic Alternatives

Our world is full of disposable, single-use plastics. From the oceans and waterways, to the side of the road, to our local stores and even in our home it can often feel impossible to try and kick the plastic habit. However, there are a ton of reusable plastic alternatives that can help you weave this into your lifestyle one step at a time. Speaking from experience, I can personally attest to the fact that awareness is key and simple actions truly add up, but like so many things, the first step is often the hardest and biggest obstacle to overcome.

So, if you are looking to cut back, here are 5 of the best reusable plastic alternatives to single-use, disposable plastics used in your everyday life.

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Fight plastic pollution this Earth Day 2018 by committing to going one day without plastic.
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One Day Without Plastic | Earth Day 2018




This Earth Day 2018 on Sunday, April 22nd join me and many others by going entirely plastic-free. Grab your reusable bags, mason jars, coffee tumblers and ditch the disposables, people! Plastic pollution is one of the biggest threats to our environment and a problem that we absolutely have the power to solve. The number one thing to do? Stop using single-use plastics. I can’t think of a better time to start your new habit than on Earth Day.

To get you into the spirit and help you kick the habit, I’ve rounded up five plastic alternatives that you can start using right now. As a bonus, when you pledge you can be one of *TWO* lucky winners to snag a hat and tee from Recover or a backpack from Parkland.  These two incredible brands are transforming recycled plastics into everyday products like apparel, bags and accessories. Check out this video from Parkland to learn more:

BAGS FROM BOTTLES from Parkland Design & Manufacturing on Vimeo.
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Discover the best sustainability podcasts for eco-friendly and green living.
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Lifestyle | The Best Sustainability Podcasts

Having sustainable habits and living an eco-friendly lifestyle is, like any endeavor, hard to do if you aren’t constantly learning new things. To stay updated, I have a roster of sustainability podcasts that focus on nearly every aspect of green living so that I’m always feeling inspired and motivated to keep going even when it gets hard.

Let’s be honest friends, sometimes you feel pretty alone in this thing (re: the girl in the corner freaking out over the styrofoam plates at a family dinner) and it helps to have likeminded people who are just as enthusiastic and passionate about these topics as you are. So, podcasts? Yeah, that’s a huge part of green living for me.

To get you started, I’ve rounded up the best sustainability podcasts with everything from story-driven narratives, interviews, to lighthearted conversations and advice, to the downright nerdy science that you need to know (my favorite).


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