Art + Design | Inspiration for the New Year

Happy New Year, guys!

I’m excited for 2019 for so many reasons, many of which have to do with the fact that we moved up to Portland, Maine and it is amazing.

There are endless opportunities to play outside, go skiing, be in the mountains, get out on the water, eat incredible food, make new friends—gah! It’s all so good. Brian and I both have some incredible ski trips planned for the winter and I think one of the best things about traveling is coming home to a place you love with fresh eyes.

I’ve also chosen a word for this year: follow-through. While it may technically be two, it’s hyphenated, so it still counts. Semantics aside, I think so many of us can relate to the idea of setting out to finishing what you’ve started. It’s such a good feeling to dive in, put your head down and work hard at something you’re passionate about. I’m trying hard to have a posture of gratitude for the process rather than the finished product— the value is always found in the work and I look forward to seeing what that brings this year. What are your goals, friends?

To get started, I’m sharing some inspiring art/print/photography/design and creativity from tastemakers I admire. It’s sort of a mood or vision board that’s helping to shape my vision for the new year, so I hope it gives you a fresh take, too! I love to follow folks along on Instagram, so these are some of the posts I’ve loved so far. Share yours in the comments if you’ve got a good one.

Here’s to the New Year!


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Art | Filippa Edghill

From the sun-soaked coast of Biarritz, Swedish-native and avid surfer, Filippa Edghill, paints delicate and compelling watercolors that speak to our connection to self, others and the natural world. She has long been my favorite artist not just because of the beautiful simplicity of her technique but also the ways in which she so effortlessly communicates that tangible feeling and emotion of being in your body—most especially in the water.  That Filippa has a heart for the environment and uses the message of conservation to underscore her work makes me love her art all that much more.  Continue reading Art | Filippa Edghill

Redefining Green Home Design

If your perception of eco-friendly homes conjures images of elaborate tree houses, mud huts, or dilapidated cabins in the woods, then you are waaaaay off. The evolution of green home design, both interior and exterior, has become an innovative landscape rich with fresh ideas and beautiful architecture that has sustainability and mindfulness at its very core.

I’ll admit, this style is extremely modern but whether or not it appeals to you in its entirety, there are some pretty genius ideas that challenges the average homeowner to redefine the concept of what is green design. As someone who is more interested in carving out a niche within the crossover of uber-modern sustainability and everyday living I picked a few design ideas from these dreamy digs that could be adapted and applied to your home, too. Continue reading Redefining Green Home Design