TBG Sustainable Living Guide: Disposable Plastics Pt. I

Before I begin, I want to reiterate that these articles on sustainable living come more from experience than expertise. My time as web editor at Pure Green Magazine (and now contributing writer) helped build the foundation and fuel the passion and growth. Although I covered this in my first post I feel strongly about having transparency and authenticity when writing about green living: things change and we are always learning, so I’d be silly to claim I know it all. But really, isn’t that the fun part?

Disposable Plastics

I like this topic a lot (a lot, a lot) because it’s truly something we can all work on. Consider for a moment how many times a day you use single-use, disposable plastics (i.e. straws, baggies, cups) and how much waste that could possibly amount to in a year — over 300 million tons worth. Continue reading TBG Sustainable Living Guide: Disposable Plastics Pt. I

TBG Sustainable Living Guide: DIY Non-Toxic Cleaners

Here on The Basic Goods, I will rarely claim expertise just experience.
My life looks, feels, and is a lot greener than it used to be—over the years, I’ve managed to patch together a sustainable lifestyle that works best for me with plenty of room to grow and evolve as things change.

However, a huge obstacle about eco-friendly living is who the hell knows where to start?! It’s confusing, overwhelming, and with all the naysayers and bearers of bad news, can be downright discouraging. Despite the noise, at the end of the day the health and wellbeing of this beautiful world and body that we get to live in deserves only the good stuff and that most certainly does not include things like unsafe endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, and cancer-inducing chemicals. It just doesn’t.

If you’re with me say, YEAH! Continue reading TBG Sustainable Living Guide: DIY Non-Toxic Cleaners