12 Powerful “Beauty Foods” to Bring Your Inner Radiance Out

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“Beauty isn’t in the color of the eyeshadow you wear today—it’s in the radiant base underneath,” explains Jolene Hart, a former beauty editor turned holistic health coach who recently penned the thought-provoking book Eat Pretty, which encourages women to radically rethink and redefine their approach to looking and feeling their best. Her M.O.? Whole, healthy, and nutrient-rich food—and plenty of it. “These nutrients are pure beauty fuel that gives our bodies the energy to defend, repair, renew, and fortify,” she says. “Seizing their power is the key to a lifetime of gorgeous.” Want to have what she’s having? Check out her rundown of 12 foods that’ll help beautify you from the inside out below, and get ready to add them to your grocery list (and beauty routine) pronto. Continue reading 12 Powerful “Beauty Foods” to Bring Your Inner Radiance Out

5 Kinds of Eco-Friendly Products to Use More of in 2016

This year was the year that I really tried to keep my resolutions. I became much more aware of my role and influence as a consumer and not only that but vowed to be as conscious of one as possible. I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t easy and I failed often; slowly but surely learning along the way that in this product-driven age sometimes there is no right way to do things. You simply have no way of knowing just how effective certain sustainable business practices actually are and how to separate the wheat from chaff. As optimistic and hopeful humans we tend to assume that what large and even small companies try to sell us on is totally true, and easily succumb to the trappings of a product labeled as “ALL NATURAL!” even though we probably have our sneaking suspicions that it isn’t.

In my very humble opinion, what we do need to be is smart and savvy buyers. In an ideal and sustainable world  we would buy less and reuse more, we would know about the latest green technologies and try our best to incorporate them into our lives, and we would be less concerned with instant gratification and possessing things we want rather than having the things we truly need. However, as Americans, and what is an increasingly Westernized global society, we don’t live in a culture that supports the “less is more” philosophy and so there are tens of thousands of new products being manufactured every day that make it around the world and back only to be laid to rest in overflowing landfillsContinue reading 5 Kinds of Eco-Friendly Products to Use More of in 2016

How to Throw a Stylish and Sustainable Holiday Party

No matter which way you spin it, the holidays generate much more waste than any other time of year. The EPA estimates it’s about 25% more which is about an extra 1 million tons per week. YIKES, YOU GUYS. As a lover of get togethers and holiday parties myself, I thought it would be helpful for all of us to consider effective ways to cut back and be more mindful about the waste our festive bash is likely to create.  The good news is that sustainability practices don’t need to sacrifice style — in fact, your décor and materials will likely make it even more beautiful.  So after doing some digging I found some really great tips on how to throw a stylish and sustainable holiday party. Enjoy!

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Seven Sisters x Dream Shop Collective Giveaway! *CLOSED*


It’s pretty cool to be part of a holiday giveaway — most especially, when you get to call it a collective. I’ve never been a part of a collective before but I’m pretty damn proud to be a part of this one. The Dream Shop Collective is a series of giveaways from thoughtfully curated and created shops who have paired up with a blogger who is equally as passionate about what they do. The focus is on offering a selection of handmade, well-made, and vintage products from each shop in an intimate and cozy little corner of the internet. Forget Amazon. Shop small. Shop the Dream Shop! Continue reading Seven Sisters x Dream Shop Collective Giveaway! *CLOSED*

Moments of Happiness

There are moments in life when I can fully grasp the notion that the basic goods of life are truly so, so simple. Brian and I took advantage of a rare and special free weekend to visit my grandparents up in the picturesque lakes region of New Hampshire where their cozy house in the woods sits adjacent to the lake with a perfect view of the Ossipee Mountains. And I mean, a perfect view… 

new hampshire morning

It’s nothing that I haven’t seen before. I practically grew up here. And I think that is what makes it so special. It’s the unshakeable bedrock of all the best things in life, even if we haven’t stopped to think about it for a while, without fail they always stop us. Continue reading Moments of Happiness

Q+A | Sarah, Say Something

As social media is wont to do, it leads us into the intimate lives of people we may never have met without it. For me, I’ve always been more than thrilled to find folks online who harness its power wisely and with intention; who give us a glimpse into their lives without oversharing and are just downright cool. Having a blog is a great excuse for me to reach out and connect with them personally, which is one way to make friends, right? Right.

Meet: Sarah Michelle Lawrence, blogger behind Sarah, Say Something, where she blogs freely about all the things that inspire and move her while living a beautiful life in Denver, Colorado with her husband, photographer Hunter Lawrence and their outrageously cute pup, Aspen. Much like The Basic Goods, Sarah’s blog seeks to be a corner of the internet where people can come to find some things that might inspire them as they have for her and to share some thoughtful musings on everyday life. I’ve always loved her blog for its authenticity and the way that it makes me feel like I’m just hanging out with a friend. So, I’m so grateful to have her on the blog today to talk about her experience on the internet and social media (she has over 5,000 Instagram followers) and ask her just to well, say something! Continue reading Q+A | Sarah, Say Something

Shelf Life


Every summer, like clock-work, I find myself desperate to travel more. Maybe it’s the warmer climes that make my blood rise and stir up some crazy in all of us, but I simply can’t help but crave a bit more adventure. Luckily, this feeling will not be ignored. It gnaws and pokes at me in earnest, whispering over and over again, “just go”. During this time I gaze a few moments longer at photos of exotic places, check flight prices incessantly—”just in case”—and start to dream up a new life somewhere else, where maybe I’d ride an elephant to work instead of a car.  Continue reading Shelf Life

Move or be Moved


So much of this blog is dedicated to the questions. Far too often it feels as though we rely on things to make sense when really the inquiry, and a willingness to truly look, is what counts the most. As I said in a previous post—not so eloquently—is the honest-to-God truth that as an evolving people living in an ever-changing world, we try our very hardest to make our lives and all its components, stationary, unmoving, and permanent. Oh, brother. I say, A for effort but surely, we will fail.

And fail we should. Because why shouldn’t we? From the time we are born life moves us and MAN is it something. It both shatters and builds us up—a paradox that, at our very best, is worth trying to embrace. I’ve always found it ironic that we celebrate the milestones of our life by marking and signifying change but in the back of our minds, we dread the graduation, we dread the year we hit that crazy age, and we dread the comfort of leaving what we know behind. My response and inquiry to that is, when did we ever really know anything? Was there ever a time when we knew what each day brought and never wavered? Or did we simply convince ourselves that we existed in such a space? I think the craziest and most hopeful part of us did, but the other half understood that we never really had much choice.  Continue reading Move or be Moved

On Staying Connected

On Staying Connected- Crystals2

Recently, I took a trip to the snowy mountains of Canada. It’s a beautiful, natural and serene place — the kind of place where the silence feels good — where it sits comfortably both in, and around you. I ended each day watching a burning red sunset melt into the snowy horizon and woke up to the soft, yellow glow of a rising sun peeking through pine trees. The days were wonderful, despite them being busy, and I spent a good deal of time consuming good food, good wine, and great company.

When I returned back to my chaotic, everyday life, where the mountains are skyscrapers and the quiet is interrupted by wailing sirens and manmade noise, I felt rattled and frustrated by how difficult it was to stay in touch with myself and to maintain a bigger perspective. Sure, there’s a fleeting quality to experiences you have when you’re in a peaceful place like I had been: time felt as if it moved more slowly and because of that, things, life, people — I, had more time to settle in. Yet, despite the idyllic setting, the question of, how can you stay connected, etched itself into my mind.  Continue reading On Staying Connected