The Conscious Traveller | Green Travel Tips: Chile

Here’s the question of the summer: how can you be eco-friendly while you travel?

This past June, my husband and I got married and after doing our best to plan a green wedding (more on that soon!) we decided to have a honeymoon fun-venture in the incredible country of Chile. Think: hiking, camping, boating and horseback riding in Patagonia, plus world class skiing in the Andes at Ski Portillo and of course, lots of wine! It lived up to the hype by exceeding every expectation we could possibly have had, most especially the Chilean people and culture. For all of you who love outdoor-adventure travel, I highly recommend putting it on your list of places to visit.

We were fortunate to discover that Chile is ranked the world’s best developed country for eco-tourism. However, the sheer impact of flying to the end of the earth gave us reason to pause and consider the effects of our carbon footprint on this beautiful world. There’s simply no easy way to travel and be eco-friendly at the same time but it can be done. Brian and I travel often and this trip really helped us to hone our green travel skills abroad, so I’m excited to kick off the sustainable summer travel series with one of my favorite places in the world: Chile! Continue reading The Conscious Traveller | Green Travel Tips: Chile

The Conscious Traveller | Bamboo Utensils for Going Plastic-Free While Traveling

Finding your plastic-free groove in your everyday life is an incredibly empowering experience. When that confidence is shattered by a road trip or vacation where you have no choice but to use plastic utensils and other disposable items is not so fun. Trust me, I’ve been there and those guilty feelings can weigh on you — sometimes they can even undo some hard-earned habits, which is tough but unfortunately our reality. Since our society doesn’t yet see single-use plastics as the massive problem that they truly are it’s impossible to avoid these things while you’re on the road. That’s why being prepared and arming yourself with this knowledge is the best way to avoid these situations.

I won’t lie, it takes some extra effort and planning ahead to become self-sufficient enough to keep up your sustainable lifestyle when you’re traveling. Trying to go plastic-free on planes, at rest stops or even a restaurant without your reusable utensils can be a losing battle. Luckily there are plastic-free alternatives that are lightweight, multi-purposeful and beautiful for when you’re on the road. Especially during the summer, when you’re more likely to just drop everything and go, it’s so important to be mindful and prepared.

Continue reading The Conscious Traveller | Bamboo Utensils for Going Plastic-Free While Traveling

Food + Drink | Campfire Cooking

Last summer we hiked and camped out on Mount Washington. It was awesome, amazing and a ton of fun. You can read all about our trip and why you should do it here, on Huckberry.  Sorry to tell you but this post is not about the adventure, it’s about food.  Let’s move on.

Since we started a bit later in the day and the climb up and down Tuckerman Ravine isn’t exactly quick, by the time we returned to our campsite it was nearly dusk. Sweaty, tired and starving (we had seen people drive up to the top in their cars with entire pizza pies, I swear I’m not joking) we set up camp and got cooking — fast. Thank goodness we had a solution.



Whether you are car camping or carrying it all in your pack, making a nourishing and tasty meal that’ll fill you up is tough. Most camp meals are prepackaged and freeze-dried, loaded with sodium and calories galore, but sometimes making a hot meal is simply not an option.  Continue reading Food + Drink | Campfire Cooking

Roadtrip | Ithaca + Watkins Glen

I grew up hiking, camping and exploring places off the beaten path but for some reason I had never been to (or heard of) a glen. So, when Brian and I proposed a camping trip to our friends, we jumped in the car and drove north to Ithaca and—wait for it—Watkins Glen.


We loaded up our cars and armed with good music, plenty of snacks made the 3 1/2 hour drive to Ithaca, NY. After a quick stop for firewood, we arrived just in time to shake out our stiff legs and take a much needed, *ahem*, potty break. Ithaca was hosting a fun street fair that day (no pics, but I swear it happened) and we traipsed around town for a little bit before heading out.  Continue reading Roadtrip | Ithaca + Watkins Glen

Pure Green Magazine Feature: Travel As Wellness

Around this time last year, I was working as the web editor for Pure Green Magazine, and we were in the midst of dreaming up the next issue of the quarterly mag. The theme was wellness and at that point I felt like the topic was a little exhausted with cleanses, detoxifying potions and things that generally involved crystals and mantras.

At that same time I had just befriended a lovely soul and badass travel photographer, Celeste Noches, who giggled and brainstormed with me about what kind of amazing, groundbreaking work we could do together (my writing + her photos/stories + our shared vision) for hours in a small diner in Brooklyn. After our own road trip one day, we put our heads together and created this for Pure Green: an homage to that undeniable healin’ feelin’ of travel. The way it moves you, how it changes you if you let it, and the way it makes you feel as alive as ever. I am SO SO happy to share a snippet of our work (you can read the full version by subscribing to Pure Green Magazine) here on the blog and sincerely hope you find a little piece of our stories that resonates with you, too.

Big love, friends!  Continue reading Pure Green Magazine Feature: Travel As Wellness

Moments of Happiness

There are moments in life when I can fully grasp the notion that the basic goods of life are truly so, so simple. Brian and I took advantage of a rare and special free weekend to visit my grandparents up in the picturesque lakes region of New Hampshire where their cozy house in the woods sits adjacent to the lake with a perfect view of the Ossipee Mountains. And I mean, a perfect view… 

new hampshire morning

It’s nothing that I haven’t seen before. I practically grew up here. And I think that is what makes it so special. It’s the unshakeable bedrock of all the best things in life, even if we haven’t stopped to think about it for a while, without fail they always stop us. Continue reading Moments of Happiness

Shelf Life


Every summer, like clock-work, I find myself desperate to travel more. Maybe it’s the warmer climes that make my blood rise and stir up some crazy in all of us, but I simply can’t help but crave a bit more adventure. Luckily, this feeling will not be ignored. It gnaws and pokes at me in earnest, whispering over and over again, “just go”. During this time I gaze a few moments longer at photos of exotic places, check flight prices incessantly—”just in case”—and start to dream up a new life somewhere else, where maybe I’d ride an elephant to work instead of a car.  Continue reading Shelf Life

On Staying Connected

On Staying Connected- Crystals2

Recently, I took a trip to the snowy mountains of Canada. It’s a beautiful, natural and serene place — the kind of place where the silence feels good — where it sits comfortably both in, and around you. I ended each day watching a burning red sunset melt into the snowy horizon and woke up to the soft, yellow glow of a rising sun peeking through pine trees. The days were wonderful, despite them being busy, and I spent a good deal of time consuming good food, good wine, and great company.

When I returned back to my chaotic, everyday life, where the mountains are skyscrapers and the quiet is interrupted by wailing sirens and manmade noise, I felt rattled and frustrated by how difficult it was to stay in touch with myself and to maintain a bigger perspective. Sure, there’s a fleeting quality to experiences you have when you’re in a peaceful place like I had been: time felt as if it moved more slowly and because of that, things, life, people — I, had more time to settle in. Yet, despite the idyllic setting, the question of, how can you stay connected, etched itself into my mind.  Continue reading On Staying Connected