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A Yogi’s Guide to Winter to Winter Wellness


A Yogi’s Guide to Winter Wellness is the price of a modest drop-in class, however, this offers you so much more!


This is a course that will give you valuable tools to stay in touch with your body-mind from a holistic perspective. Winter is the perfect time to take inventory and tap into both your natural and established rhythms. Whether or not you get sick during this season, this guide will enhance your practice and keep you tuned into health all year long.

Although I am an advanced yoga instructor, I’m not a doctor and will never claim to be one. Much of this info has been created with the help of Dr. Liz McGinley of Montclair Performance Health in Montclair, New Jersey.  Thank you, Dr. Liz!
Here’s how it will work:

You will receive… 

  • A beautifully-designed and inspiring downloadable PDF that you can print out or keep on your computer for whenever you need to access it
  • High-resolution photos of curated yoga poses that will help you stay healthy
  • Suggested sequences and ways to implement this into your every day
    Science-based information on your physiological processes and the ways in which specific yoga poses can be woven into your self-care routine

How you’ll benefit… 

  • Develop a keen awareness of what your body-mind needs to be well
  • Learn how to nourish and remain connected to your whole self even through stressful times
  • Plus, you’ll have more context and understanding of how the body works in yoga and in your everyday

The beauty of yoga is to establish a deeper connection to yourself, one another and the world around us. I hope you’ll join me this winter season to lean in more and create the foundation for a lifelong practice of wellness, compassion and self-care.

See you on the mat,

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