Lifestyle | 5 Holiday Looks That Do (and Look) Good

In a talk on why he decided to start a Fair Trade coffee company,  Jonathon Golden eloquently made a complex idea incredibly simple, “I just don’t see why someone needs to suffer for my morning cup”.

It’s true. In our world of creature comforts, we can spend a lot of time fretting over  how “inconvenient” all our many conveniences have become: the price of our coffee, the long lines, the Amazon order that’s taking foooreeeverrr. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t to say we aren’t allowed to enjoy what we’ve been given, I only argue that we can — and should — always aim to be more thoughtful and responsible citizens of the world.  Continue reading Lifestyle | 5 Holiday Looks That Do (and Look) Good

Redefining Green Home Design

If your perception of eco-friendly homes conjures images of elaborate tree houses, mud huts, or dilapidated cabins in the woods, then you are waaaaay off. The evolution of green home design, both interior and exterior, has become an innovative landscape rich with fresh ideas and beautiful architecture that has sustainability and mindfulness at its very core.

I’ll admit, this style is extremely modern but whether or not it appeals to you in its entirety, there are some pretty genius ideas that challenges the average homeowner to redefine the concept of what is green design. As someone who is more interested in carving out a niche within the crossover of uber-modern sustainability and everyday living I picked a few design ideas from these dreamy digs that could be adapted and applied to your home, too. Continue reading Redefining Green Home Design

DIY Tin Can Candle Votive

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not typically a DIY-er. My fingers are more buttery than they are nimble but the more projects I try the more enjoyable and (I think) the better I get. Case in point, this tin can candle votive is the type of craft that you see in magazines and on blogs all the time, why? Because it’s pretty simple and almost fool-proof — not to mention almost everyone has an empty tin can they can pluck out of the recyclables. So after finding my can and giving it a thorough cleaning (it formerly contained spaghetti sauce) I gave it my best shot and am happy to say it TOTALLY WORKED. This is a great little DIY to do on your own for yourself or to give as a gift.

I’ve outlined the project in a few simple steps  below, so give it a try and let me know how it goes!  Continue reading DIY Tin Can Candle Votive

Guest Post: How to Style a Beautiful Fall Floral Arrangement

Guest Post by Sarah Lawrence of Sarah, Say Something. Read Sarah’s interview on The Basic Goods!

I had the pleasure of working with the lovely Ashley over at Park Floral Design in Denver, Colorado.  Below is an arrangement that I made with her designs along with a few tips, tricks, and opinions on how to make a fun fall arrangement for a dinner party or simply just because!

“Simplicity is the best policy when it comes to arranging flowers, but always be bold and generous while remembering to keep an open mind to all forms of beauty.” — From one of my favorite books, Keep it Simple.

I believe that no home is complete without some form of flowers. Whether it’s freshly picked, your dried wedding bouquet, or a bunch of greenery, just get some flowers in that home of yours! Alright, lets get started! Continue reading Guest Post: How to Style a Beautiful Fall Floral Arrangement

DIY | Recycled Party Banner

Previously published on Pure Green Magazine

When I was little my mother would sew me dresses. Cute, right? I’m talking full-on sun dresses, with pale-yellow pansies as far as the eye could see. Sometimes, but only if she had the time, she would make herself a matching vest. That was the ‘90s. This is now.

While sorting through our craft closet one day, I happened upon a bag full of old fabric strips that were clearly intended to be used for something. For what I didn’t know—so I asked my mother what the contents of this overflowing canvas tote-bag were for, and she wistfully replied, they were for a quilt she had once wanted to make but had abandoned quite some time ago. With excitement I jumped up and down and asked if I could have it, regretfully, she complied. And as she left these memories behind, I walked away with my very first DIY project on the horizon. Continue reading DIY | Recycled Party Banner

TBG Sustainable Living Guide: Disposable Plastics Pt. I

Before I begin, I want to reiterate that these articles on sustainable living come more from experience than expertise. My time as web editor at Pure Green Magazine (and now contributing writer) helped build the foundation and fuel the passion and growth. Although I covered this in my first post I feel strongly about having transparency and authenticity when writing about green living: things change and we are always learning, so I’d be silly to claim I know it all. But really, isn’t that the fun part?

Disposable Plastics

I like this topic a lot (a lot, a lot) because it’s truly something we can all work on. Consider for a moment how many times a day you use single-use, disposable plastics (i.e. straws, baggies, cups) and how much waste that could possibly amount to in a year — over 300 million tons worth. Continue reading TBG Sustainable Living Guide: Disposable Plastics Pt. I