Beauty Basics | DIY All-Natural Deodorant

Would you believe me if I said that making your own deodorant is easy annnd fun? Probably not, but I’m gonna say it anyway! I started to make my own deodorant a few years ago because I refused to believe that it could really be that complicated. Based off what I had learned from making simple and non-toxic home cleaning products I knew that my pantry was chock full of eco-friendly ingredients that worked in my house so why couldn’t they work on me too?

Besides that, I was also keen on avoiding many of the chemicals in store bought deodorants such as, aluminum compounds, TEA/DEA, Triclosan, propylene glycol (this is especially harmful to people with sensitive skin) and parabens. Shockingly, the government does not require any safety testing before the creation and marketing of beauty and personal care products, and some like TEA/DEA have been banned in Europe due to the evidence that they are in fact, known carcinogens (chemicals that can cause cancer when used regularly).

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12 Powerful “Beauty Foods” to Bring Your Inner Radiance Out

Originally published on Mother Mag

“Beauty isn’t in the color of the eyeshadow you wear today—it’s in the radiant base underneath,” explains Jolene Hart, a former beauty editor turned holistic health coach who recently penned the thought-provoking book Eat Pretty, which encourages women to radically rethink and redefine their approach to looking and feeling their best. Her M.O.? Whole, healthy, and nutrient-rich food—and plenty of it. “These nutrients are pure beauty fuel that gives our bodies the energy to defend, repair, renew, and fortify,” she says. “Seizing their power is the key to a lifetime of gorgeous.” Want to have what she’s having? Check out her rundown of 12 foods that’ll help beautify you from the inside out below, and get ready to add them to your grocery list (and beauty routine) pronto. Continue reading 12 Powerful “Beauty Foods” to Bring Your Inner Radiance Out

The Basic Goods Beauty Edit: Dry Shampoo

Being choosy about beauty products is often times the most direct and effective way to start transitioning towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Admittedly, it’s taken me quite a long time to filter out much of the toxic and chemical-laden products from my shelves (and I’m still going!) not to mention really understanding what I’m looking for and why. *EWG has been my biggest and best resource for this process and I’m constantly running through ingredient lists with a fine tooth comb thanks to them.

All that to say, I’m excited to start sharing The Basic Goods Beauty Edit with you guys to compare, contrast, and share all of those goodies we love to use to pamper and beautify our self. To stay true to The Basic Goods message of slow living in a fast-paced world, the products I’ll be sharing here strike a balance between what we want vs. what we need, and do a seriously good job, like they should. Continue reading The Basic Goods Beauty Edit: Dry Shampoo

5 Kinds of Eco-Friendly Products to Use More of in 2016

This year was the year that I really tried to keep my resolutions. I became much more aware of my role and influence as a consumer and not only that but vowed to be as conscious of one as possible. I won’t lie to you, it wasn’t easy and I failed often; slowly but surely learning along the way that in this product-driven age sometimes there is no right way to do things. You simply have no way of knowing just how effective certain sustainable business practices actually are and how to separate the wheat from chaff. As optimistic and hopeful humans we tend to assume that what large and even small companies try to sell us on is totally true, and easily succumb to the trappings of a product labeled as “ALL NATURAL!” even though we probably have our sneaking suspicions that it isn’t.

In my very humble opinion, what we do need to be is smart and savvy buyers. In an ideal and sustainable world  we would buy less and reuse more, we would know about the latest green technologies and try our best to incorporate them into our lives, and we would be less concerned with instant gratification and possessing things we want rather than having the things we truly need. However, as Americans, and what is an increasingly Westernized global society, we don’t live in a culture that supports the “less is more” philosophy and so there are tens of thousands of new products being manufactured every day that make it around the world and back only to be laid to rest in overflowing landfillsContinue reading 5 Kinds of Eco-Friendly Products to Use More of in 2016