Green Living | My Collection of Zero Waste Writings

I should rephrase the title slightly to say, “My collection of zero waste writings so far” because that’s a much more honest depiction of this tiny but mighty archive. As a contributing writer for The Good Trade, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to take a deep dive into the ways in which we can make a big difference with small actions every day. Disposable single-use plastic has become the center of attention recently and while that’s exciting it can also be a little paralyzing.

We set out on a mission to help you stop freaking out and feeling depressed about all the things you can’t control and focus on what you can do, which, fortunately is a lot. This brief list is chock full of resources, tools and really important sustainable swaps that’s attainable for recovering plastic addicts (me!). Since this blog is all about taking #inspiredaction everyday I’m confident this article embodies that ethos. So, read, share and most importantly keep up your amazing work! Stay tuned for more writing on zero waste and plastic-less tips.

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Lifestyle | The Best Sustainability Podcasts

Having sustainable habits and living an eco-friendly lifestyle is, like any endeavor, hard to do if you aren’t constantly learning new things. To stay updated, I have a roster of sustainability podcasts that focus on nearly every aspect of green living so that I’m always feeling inspired and motivated to keep going even when it gets hard.

Let’s be honest friends, sometimes you feel pretty alone in this thing (re: the girl in the corner freaking out over the styrofoam plates at a family dinner) and it helps to have likeminded people who are just as enthusiastic and passionate about these topics as you are. So, podcasts? Yeah, that’s a huge part of green living for me.

To get you started, I’ve rounded up the best sustainability podcasts with everything from story-driven narratives, interviews, to lighthearted conversations and advice, to the downright nerdy science that you need to know (my favorite).


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The Conscious Kitchen | How to Make Nut Milk

Homemade nut milks are surprisingly simple and straightforward to make. You can use virtually any nut and almost all of them are interchangeable, for instance, I’ve successfully made almond, hazelnut and cashew milk using this basic recipe.  Continue reading The Conscious Kitchen | How to Make Nut Milk

Green Living | Everyday Ways to Be an Ocean Activist

Here’s an important reminder: We live in an aquatic world.

About 71% of the earth is covered in water and 96.5% of that water is held by the oceans. That means more water than there is land — shocker, right? In this watery world, our health is intimately linked to the health of our oceans. The ocean and its inhabitants do a vital task of absorbing most of the CO2 in the atmosphere that we and other lifeforms can’t take in and turns it into oxygen, spreading around excess heat that would otherwise kill off most of the ecosystem and allow disease to spread.

As the atmosphere gets warmer (ahem, global warming) it’s more difficult for the ocean and marine life like coral and other plants to photosynthesize CO2. Thus, the ocean’s acidity levels rise and upsets an already fragile ecosystem that’s more necessary to the health and stability of the entire planet than we humans care to admit or even know. Continue reading Green Living | Everyday Ways to Be an Ocean Activist


Here at The Basic Goods, I write, share and create all different kinds of content.

Whether it’s an interview, a DIY or a featured shop, each piece underscores the importance of making sustainable and conscious choices. That’s why I’m taking a moment to say that the heart and soul of this blog is all about taking action.

If you’re reading this, you most likely have the ability to make powerful and impactful decisions that affect the environment and other people — seen and unseen. But let’s be real, we can’t assume that homemade bread or buying a reusable water bottle will solve our most crucial problems. The real power of these everyday things lies in shifting our perspective and being willing to change . As Yvonne Chouinard says in his film, 180 degrees South, simple living is more complicated than living fastContinue reading Green Living | INSPIRED ACTION