People | How to Start a Farmer’s Market

If you’ve ever been to a bustling farmer’s market, tote bag in hand, and walked up and down the lanes past vendors with an abundance of fruits and veggies, handmade goods and food, you know that a community market is a special place.

To me, it’s become an essential part of my routine in which I can establish a greater connection to my food, the land it was grown on and the people who grow it — a relationship that has sadly faded into the background of sterilized produce and the fluorescent-lit aisles of a modern grocery store. When I don’t make it to the farmer’s market, food shopping becomes a completely different experience. Connecting food to faces is an undeniably powerful way to help us appreciate the love and hard work that goes into it and the process as a whole. Especially in today’s world, this is a vital connection that cannot be lost.

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How to Wear Vintage with VAUX Shop

VAUX SHOP wants to change the way we view fashion. Armed with a visually stunning arsenal of vintage clothes to make their point, Aly and Lou, the ladies at the helm of this Denver-based shop, are making the old new again. When I was first introduced to them and their work a few years ago they had already become trailblazers in the fashion industry by offering beautifully minimal, stylish, and livable pieces . Now, they are forging ahead with more gusto than ever — fully capable of changing the way you shop and think about your clothes.
At the heart of their brand is the desire to cultivate a mindful approach towards our role as a consumer and an appreciation for decade-old clothing that is still loved and worn today. I am so excited and honored to have them on TBG today to share their perspective on why you should wear vintage. And to convince you to jump on this wagon even more, I’m sharing some images of the classic 1980s denim jacket I bought from them, too! Enjoy their interview below!  Continue reading How to Wear Vintage with VAUX Shop

Q+A | Sarah, Say Something

As social media is wont to do, it leads us into the intimate lives of people we may never have met without it. For me, I’ve always been more than thrilled to find folks online who harness its power wisely and with intention; who give us a glimpse into their lives without oversharing and are just downright cool. Having a blog is a great excuse for me to reach out and connect with them personally, which is one way to make friends, right? Right.

Meet: Sarah Michelle Lawrence, blogger behind Sarah, Say Something, where she blogs freely about all the things that inspire and move her while living a beautiful life in Denver, Colorado with her husband, photographer Hunter Lawrence and their outrageously cute pup, Aspen. Much like The Basic Goods, Sarah’s blog seeks to be a corner of the internet where people can come to find some things that might inspire them as they have for her and to share some thoughtful musings on everyday life. I’ve always loved her blog for its authenticity and the way that it makes me feel like I’m just hanging out with a friend. So, I’m so grateful to have her on the blog today to talk about her experience on the internet and social media (she has over 5,000 Instagram followers) and ask her just to well, say something! Continue reading Q+A | Sarah, Say Something