Pure Green Magazine Feature: Travel As Wellness

Around this time last year, I was working as the web editor for Pure Green Magazine, and we were in the midst of dreaming up the next issue of the quarterly mag. The theme was wellness and at that point I felt like the topic was a little exhausted with cleanses, detoxifying potions and things that generally involved crystals and mantras.

At that same time I had just befriended a lovely soul and badass travel photographer, Celeste Noches, who giggled and brainstormed with me about what kind of amazing, groundbreaking work we could do together (my writing + her photos/stories + our shared vision) for hours in a small diner in Brooklyn. After our own road trip one day, we put our heads together and created this for Pure Green: an homage to that undeniable healin’ feelin’ of travel. The way it moves you, how it changes you if you let it, and the way it makes you feel as alive as ever. I am SO SO happy to share a snippet of our work (you can read the full version by subscribing to Pure Green Magazine) here on the blog and sincerely hope you find a little piece of our stories that resonates with you, too.

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